When it comes to Security, Cutting Corners Doesn’t Pay

Gaps in security coverage are a liability for every facility.

While on duty, the number one priority of service for a security operation is to maintain a commanding presence. Although an operation may be serviced by a single posted position, the general public is aware and appreciates having this extra layer of security. However, the public is composed of both the innocent and individuals who may not have the best interest of the property in mind.

The security operation of a facility is the日本藤素
primary target of interest for wrongdoers. Knowledge of the schedule, position and shifts can be easily obtained from one inconspicuous but observant visit to a facility. From this information, it is not difficult to identify gaps and weaknesses in the operation. This is a common concern found throughout the industry. However, regardless of the quality or experience of the security team, the most blatant indicator of lack of security is when guards are not present. (more…)