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ESTEEM SECURITY SERVICES, INC., founded in 1996, is a privately owned corporation providing security services to clients throughout the New York metropolitan area. We have earned a reputation for professionalism, excellence and above all, personalized service.
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Management Team Expertise

Our management team has experience with the US Military, Law Enforcement, and the American Justice System.

With this deep background, we are in a unique position to understand and address your security needs.

Security Personnel

Your security personnel are an important first line of defense, and they interact with every one you serve. Our rigorous personnel management processes include:

  • Selection/screening

  • Training

  • Fire safety certifications

  • Operational protocols

  • Account management

  • Comprehensive reviews

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Event Security

Events, whether corporate or personal, are always unique and special. We will tailor a security solution to fit the exact needs and budget of your special day.

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A Unique Program for each client

We work with each client, whether large or small, to thoroughly analyze your security needs and to formulate a comprehensive, cost effective program targeting all your security concerns.

Our team is always available to go that extra mile, and every challenge is met with the full force of the entire Esteem Team.

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