Esteem provides three levels of security guard services:

We offer our clients Unarmed uniformed guards, Concierge guards trained to welcome visitors, and Special licensed guards who perform specialized tasks such as fire safety.

Our processes for hiring, training, employee and account supervision are among the finest in the industry. Our training and staffing policies, along with above average compensation and benefits, result in a high level of retention and job satisfaction, ensuring that you will have the most qualified and effective personnel staffing each position.

Unarmed Uniformed Guards

The standard Unarmed Uniformed Security Guard is the first level of security a facility can offer their tenants and guests. A standard Unarmed Uniformed Security Guard is often placed to deter crime, and to have a reliable source of information for the facilities’ daily operation.

Security officers are trained and certified to provide four basic security processes: detect, deter, observe and report. However, at Esteem Security Services, Inc. we provide a tailored security service that goes well above and beyond these standard services.

Concierge Services

The Concierge service provided by Esteem Security Services, Inc. is a personalized program to meet the needs of the facility as well as the tenants and guests of the building.

A Concierge guard is of higher quality, requiring custom training that gives your facility a welcoming personality. In addition to all of the standard services all security officers provide, our concierge guards are trained to recognize and acknowledge frequent visitors, identify potential threats, and to provide general management of the daily operation of the surrounding area.

Special Licensed Guards

Esteem Security Services, Inc. is qualified to provide the entire spectrum of security services required by New York State law.

Our team of certified and licensed professionals possess the necessary credentials to provide special licensing services when needed. For example, Fire Safety Directors (FSD’s), and Fire Guards (F-01) are often required licenses for buildings to have on-staff for their emergency system operations. Newly enacted legislation in New York City requires many of our clients to utilize this service in order to remain in compliance with all safety and security regulations. Regardless of the special requirement, Esteem Security Services, Inc. can provide personnel for all jobsites including construction, residential, and commercial facilities.

Fire Safety

Building implemented Fire Safety is growing in the New York Metropolitan area. FDNY legislation is constantly changing, and calls for more Fire Safety than ever before. The Esteem Security Management team keeps in contact with the FDNY to stay up-to-date on all regulations concerning the FSD operation.

Our team of Fire Safety Directors are certified and trained to secure and regulate the Fire Command station and Emergency Action Plan in each facility they hold post. We can also provide FSD’s to hold building identified positions, and we have a proven track record of reducing and avoiding fines resulting from Fire safety inspections.

Security Systems

A facility may already supplement their personnel security operation with a CCTV or other technology based system, or plan to add this capability.

Esteem Security can provide our clients with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge security systems on the market. In addition, we will consult with you, evaluate your current operation, and suggest the best solution to replace or update existing systems where required.

All of our guards are trained and tested on job-site specific technology, so that your security system is utilized to its fullest potential.

Hiring Practices

Our Security Management Staff carefully reviews each applicant to to match him/her to open positions. In addition to state and county licensing requirements, applicants must pass a corporate background check and multiple interviews to be considered for a position.

Development and Retention

All new employees must complete our in-house training program, conducted by the executive and managerial staff. We have a zero-tolerance policy concerning drugs, criminal history, or any history of violence.

We offer competitive salaries to attract and retain personnel, provide time and one half for overtime and holidays, and provide full and comprehensive benefits for all of our employees.

To ensure we have security personnel available to meet your changing requirements, we maintain a large pool of guards on standby who have already passed all qualifications.

Training Program

Every staff member of our security team is required, by law, to undergo the 8 and 16-hour New York State security guard training. Once hired, each guard is also trained at our in-house school to meet company standards. Training sessions include but are not limited to emergency training, sexual harassment information sessions, on site behavioral training, crisis response training and a pre-assignment briefing. After each training program, all guards must pass an exam in order to proceed with employment.

Esteem Security Management also performs quarterly job site refreshment training to maintain a high quality of service. In addition, every employee is required to maintain their security license with recurring 8 and 16-hour classes. For the first few weeks on any jobsite, all staff are trained on site and tested for their understanding of the job specific post order.

Total Quality Management

Over the course of many years, we have developed a proven infrastructure of checks and balances. Our team of dedicated supervisors, managers, and officers has the experience necessary to execute this service.  Esteem Security Services is active twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. We have a full team of supervisory staff that patrols all jobsites at all times of day.

Tools such as our Daily Tour Report provide a line of communication between our guards, the lead-guard at a facility and our management team. This allows our management staff, and the building’s management staff, to communicate with the guards and for the guards to communicate with their relieving officer.

Management staff is on site during the early weeks of any new contract, and when replacement guards are new to the job site. After the guards have become familiar with their posts, managers perform site inspections and training at least once per month.

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