Security Services

Esteem provides three levels of security guard services:

We offer our clients Unarmed uniformed guards, Concierge guards trained to welcome visitors, and Special licensed guards who perform specialized tasks such as fire safety.

Our processes for hiring, training, employee and account supervision are among the finest in the industry. Our training and staffing policies, along with above average compensation and benefits, result in a high level of retention and job satisfaction, ensuring that you will have the most qualified and effective personnel staffing each position.

Security Consulting

In additional to security personnel, Esteem also provides security evaluation for your facility and surrounding areas.

security-consultingProviding Security Officers is only half of the what is required to truly secure a facility. A successful security operation requires careful analysis, understanding of the location, identifying all threats to the facility, and preparation. Our team of experienced security experts have been working collectively within the industry for over 100 years.
Using industry knowledge, all clients are provided with a more efficient security program that often results in less costly options.

Event Security

Esteem Security’s special event security primarily deals with temporary/non-consistent work such as parties and social events.


event-securitySpecial Event security calls for a differently quality of guard such as bouncers, supervisors, and concierge guards. Our Special Event security division has been collectively working within this sector for over 40 years, and has never failed at providing a safe atmosphere for any special occasion.

Whether you need security for a sporting event or night club, our Special Event security service is up to the task.

Security Clients

Esteem has been providing quality security services throughout the New York metropolitan area since 1996.

We have earned a reputation for professionalism and personalized service, and work with each client to address the unique needs of their organization. With expertise in a variety of client settings, we will provide a security program exactly tailored to the needs of your facility.

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